Good People Break Bad Laws


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This is Topher Field’s deep thinking on the necessity of limiting government by, sometimes, limiting our willingness to obey the worst transgressions of government, inspired by Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King. Good People Break Bad Laws is the official first book from Topher Field.

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Foreword by Zuby Udezue
Prologue: ‘Knock Knock’

  1. My Personal Holy Trinity
  2. Good People Break Bad Laws
  3. What’s a ‘Bad Law’ Anyway?
  4. The Limits of Our Obedience
  5. Cries for Help
  6. What’s Wrong with the Back of the Bus?
  7. Four Thousand
  8. A Little Civil Disobedience Goes a Long Way
  9. Kettles
  10. It Sucks to be Right Early
  11. Where Does Government Get its Power?
  12. Hiding in Plain Sight
  13. In Defence of Arseholes
  14. Where Do You Get Your Power?
  15. How Did We Get Here?
  16. A Narrow Escape
  17. “I’m From the Government and I’m Here to Help”
  18. Perverse Incentives: the ‘Do Something’ Reflex
  19. I Volunteer as Tribute
  20. Live Your Best Life by Beating the Shit Out of People
  21. A Story Worth Telling
  22. Who Wants that Kind of Power?
  23. The Greatest Day of My Life
  24. Who Are You?