Spiritual, Cultural, Political REFORMATION


Speeches & Sermons from the 7th Australian Church And State Summit (2024)

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Up to 24 chapters and 65,000 words of rare Christian political education on a very broad range of important public issues, with mutiple chapters on education, prostitution and Israel.

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  1. Neo-paganism: the pseudo religion of secularism | Bob McCoskrie
  2. How cultural Marxism is destroying education and what must be done | Dr Kevin Donnelly
  3. Redeeming the Australian National Curriculum | Kenneth ‘Difff’ Crowther
  4. Christian home education | Natacha Figueiredo, Rachel Read and Dr Terry Harding
  5. Global briefing on prostitution laws | Amanda Brohier
  6. Australian briefing on prostitution activism | Wendy Francis
  7. Case study: Queensland | Rob Norman
  8. Who are the women we’re talking about? | Letitia Shelton
  9. Coming Home Project | Rebecca Fischer
  10. Prostitution Law Reform | Amanda Brohier, Wendy Francis, Rob Norman, Letitia Shelton, Rebecca Fischer & Christopher Brohier
  11. Woke winds of doctrine | Fr Calvin Robinson
  12. Rescuing our daughters from Neverland | Cindy McGarvie
  13. Reformation can save Australia from politicians | Dave Pellowe
  14. “Humbly relying on Almighty God” | Senator Ralph Babet
  15. What I witnessed on duty in Gaza | Avi Yemeni
  16. The bell is tolling for Israel | Suzie Smeed
  17. “Never Again” is now! | Rev Mark Leach
  18. Three progressive idols destroy civilisation | Dr Terry Harding
  19. Searching for common ground with secularists | Dr John Fleming
  20. The challenge of being a Christian in Australia | Michelle Pearse
  21. The Unlucky Country | Prof Augusto Zimmermann, Prof James Allan, Graham Young
  22. Politics Workshop | Rev Dr Mark Robinson MP, Barclay McGain, Topher Field & George Christensen
  23. Word magic, ratchets, crybullies and deportment: a Christian field guide for public engagement | John Steenhoff
  24. What St Paul has to say to the pagan West | Dr Stephen Chavura

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